Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Today is the day we normally watch our friends 10 month old son, Riley, so in an attempt to have a fun, engaging summertime activity we took him to the pool and had some fun in the sun! We had a great time! Riley was a little leery at first, but after a little time he started to really enjoy it! His little bloated diaper was so cute! The whole point to my little story is that once we got home and put Riley down for his nap I started getting ready to go out to the movies tonight and I could smell the sun tan lotion still on my skin and I felt that little sting of warmness from being outside and it put a huge smile on my face! Yes, the summer heat is unbearable at times, but I just love summer anyway! Eating Popsicles and the relief of rubbing aloe vera on a sun-burn is the stuff you look forward to during an AZ summer!
Another good thing about the heat of summer is that the hotter it gets, as the months pass, the closer I get to having this baby! 13wks to go! I can't believe it! My tummy is pretty much all baby now! I'm thinking all of me is going to be all Mason soon! Lol! Okay, so probably the weirdest thing I think about, which is probably only weird to me, is that the baby can kick me on the belly button. Is it just me, or doesn't it seem like there should be something blocking that space inside your belly, I mean it's like a hole in your stomach! Watching him kick me in the belly button is just too weird!
I seem to have a new craving to add to the list, ice cream! I frequent the dairy queen at the mall a lot! I'm pretty sure the guy behind the counter knows who I am and what I want every time! Lol! Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's just cause I'm fat. Haha! Either way, oh well! I'm enjoying it!
Well, that's the latest in the Hicok clan! Until later...

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