Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This place is confusing! Luckily, Maren has given me a few pointers. Still weird though. Ugh, I'm waiting for Brandon to get home, we're going to my parents house to hang out with my dad cause he's all alone for the rest of the week while my mom and brothers are away. I went to fresh and easy, I love that place! It's so cute! It's so like pro-healthy, pro-organic, pro-FUN! Haha.
Hallelujah my dog has started to understand potty training! She's holding it longer, but she still hasn't figured it out that she can just stand by the door when she needs to go out. Hopefully that comes soon. But at least most of the stress is going down. I thought I was going to lose my mind. Having a puppy is a way harder job than I thought. Stupid me.
Well, I spoke to soon as I was typing what a well behaved dog Lilly is becoming she was peeing on the floor. Ugh. Well, in her defense it's about her stopping point as far as holding it goes, but still. ggrrrr.....

Monday, July 14, 2008

My First Blog

Well, Maren, I copied you. Now you have one more person you can talk to on here. Also, I went to that place is awesome! Thanks for the tip! Anyway, today is my day off so I'll be cleaning. Woot. I'm going to try a new crock pot recipe tonight so hopefully I don't screw that up! Haha. I haven't gotten very brave in the kitchen so far; but Brandon isn't a very brave eater so it works. Okay, well I guess this is all I have to say this morning. Peace out.