Sunday, January 31, 2010

hamburgers for breakfast

Well, today marks the beginning of week 7! I can't believe it! So far things have still gone pretty easy for me! I haven't thrown up yet, I've been a little nauseous, but no making friends with the toilet so far! I guess that's a good thing, right? I have woken up during the night a couple times with an upset tummy, but a little whining to Brandon and some hot water with lemon has seemed to do the trick for now!
So far I have been craving hamburgers and french fries! The other day I had a hamburger on the way to work at 10am! Thank goodness for places like Sonic that serve everything, breakfast/lunch/dinner, at all hours of the day!
Tomorrow we have our first ultrasound! I can't wait! I know it will probably just be a little spot, but that's ok, it's OUR little spot ;) We get to bring a dvd to make a copy of the tape, I think that is such a cool feature! Thank you technology! My first doctor's appointment is on Wednesday and I'm very excited for that too, I'll get an official due date from my doctor!
Well, I just wanted to give a little update tonight, I'll post tomorrow and let everyone know how the ultrasound went! Until later...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little plus sign....

So I have some news! Brandon and I have been trying for a baby for about the last 2 months and last Thursday afternoon we were blessed with a positive test! I followed up with my ob/gyn and received good blood results back yesterday! I haven't had this confirmed with the doctor yet, but according to the due date calculator I'm about 6 weeks along now and there will be a new little Hicok in mid-late September! The family is going nuts! We are very excited and continually thank God for our new little gift! I am doing well, just a tired and the tummy is a little upset, but I actually haven't thrown up yet! Luckily, neither has Brandon, haha! He has done very well, so cute and giddy! On Saturday night we went to church and I held my friend's baby, Riley, and Brandon played with him and held his little hand, it made me all mushy inside! ;) I got my first gift yesterday, from a client, can you believe it?! She was very sweet, she bought me a little Christmas outfit which will be the perfect size when it hits that time next year! I have had such the urge to rush out and buy things but I guess it's kind of impossible to shop (for the fun stuff I mean) without knowing the sex of the baby yet, so I have withheld! I just can't believe there's a little tadpole growing inside me! We call him/her our little orange seed, because that's about how big he/she is right now, I think that name and tadpole will stick for some reason. ;) Anyway, I will try to keep this blog going for out-of towners and anyone else who feels like reading it that way you can all keep up with baby news! Well, that's all for now!