Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Well..okay then!

So, on Monday, Brandon woke up with an aching pain in his lower ride side that he said he had been struggling with all night...immediately I had a hunch that it was his appendix. But since I am such a hypochondriac I called my RN grandma first to get her opinion. So everything checked out and she suggested that if he felt bad enough he should go ahead and go to the doctor. So he went to an appointment on Monday where they booked him for a CT Scan on Tuesday morning. So fast forward to Tuesday afternoon...I get a phone call from the doctor's office saying that they couldn't get a hold of Brandon but that because of the results of the CT he needed to schedule an appointment with a surgeon to have it removed. I couldn't believe it, something I freaked out about actually was right! So I call the surgeon, made the appointment etc. then about 10 min. later the surgeon's office called me back saying I needed to take him to the ER immediately and he needed to have his appendix out as soon as possible! So now I'm freaking out, they totally changed their tune! So weird! So I got a hold of Brandon, told him the news, he left work and we headed to the ER! Meanwhile, both sets of parents are out of town and we have been watching my parents dogs who can't be left for a long time alone (because they would destroyyy the house!) Needless to say...I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find a place for the doggies to go, pack an overnight bag for us for the hospital and call both families to inform of what the heck was going on! Thankfully, his parents flew in to help me out and have been such a blessing during this process! I guess the reason I'm writing this all down is that it was just so crazy! One minute in was no big deal and he was just going in because his side hurt a little, next thing we know he's in surgery! While he was in there the doctor discovered a small hernia as well, which means at some point in the somewhat near future he will have to have another surgery! Dear oh Dear! BTW, oh my gosh, the nurse was SO rude when I was talking to the doctor about the hernia. I simply asked how imperative it was for him to have the second surgery, whether or not he needed to have it right away, since this surgery was unexpected and we do have a baby coming in 10 weeks. I asked this because stays are holy crap EXPENSIVE and what do I look like...a bank?! I needed to know the severity of the situation so that I could make the proper decision! Of course we would do the surgery if it needed to be done asap, but if not thing at a time! Goodness! So as I'm asking him about this and he's telling me not too stress it and take care of the baby stuff first my snotty nurse says "yeah..cause it's all about you.." and I wanted to STRANGLE her! Can you believe it? What a jurk! Yeah, cause that's what I was implying, that everything is about me and I don't care about his health and well-being?! I can't believe she'd be so bold! Later she made another comment about me again!! UGH! I couldn't wait to be discharged and not have to deal with her anymore!

....on a lighter note...

Something super funny (besides Brandon being totally loopy from meds, no filter!) happened during the night. So it's about 5am and he's just had his pain meds about 20min before and I open my eyes and see him staring at me, so I ask him if he's okay and he sort of mumbles yes and looks sort of distressed. All of the sudden I hear it...yes, he's going to barf! So I ask him what's wrong, what's wrong?! and then...BARF GOES EVERYWHERE! It hit the wall in front of him! After the first big purge he grabs his dish and finishes his business with that and I don't know what to do, laugh or cry?! I felt bad, but I couldn't believe his puke reached the wall! So I take care of it and from then on he's fine, but oh man was it funny and very impressive at the same time! ;)
Anyway, so that was our Tuesday night/Wednesday morning! Quite an event! I need to make sure I write it down in our baby book so we never forget! Boy, did my little boy make me uncomfortable! Of course it's never easy to sleep in that reclining chair they give you in the hospital, but it KILLED my back! It's on fire today! But, it was all worth it, to get to stay with Brandon in the hospital! I don't have any pics of Brandon in the hospital to post, my in-laws took some, but I don't have anything to upload them with. :( Well, that's my story for now! Until later..